Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Tips For Calming Babies With Colic

Having a newly born baby is usually associated with getting very little sleep and dealing with crying round the clock. However, moms dealing with a colicky baby really know the definition of no sleep.
Here are five easy tips for calming a baby who cannot seem to stop the waterworks.

  1. Watch what you’re eating if your breastfeeding. Colic is believed to come from dietary allergies or irritants in a new babies diet, so by avoiding dairy, caffeine and chocolate that can often help. At the same note make sure your baby is breast feeding properly and getting enough to eat each time because an empty tummy can be worst then an upset one for crying babies.
  2. Warm bottles to body temp and feed frequently. For bottle-fed babies, making sure they are full and happy is important. Try cutting back the amount of each bottle and doing more frequent feedings.
  3. Make sure to burp! Remember colic is typically associated with babies having upset tummies. By making sure they’re getting gas out can help solve the most frantic of criers.
  4. Cuddle and swaddle. Newborns need attention, and skin to skin contact can calm even the fussiest of babies. Sweet talking them with soothing tones also helps. Babies also love to be warm and calm, so subdued lighting, calming sounds (try white noise or ocean or rain sounds) and a good snuggle - or swaddling them - can usually do the trick.
  5. Move it! When all else fails, a change of scenery can do the trick when dealing with a colicky baby. Going for a walk around the block, going for a drive or even walking into different rooms helps distract a fussy baby. Or hand the baby off to dad, a grandparent or even a helpful neighbor to give yourself a break

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Iron Baby Crib -To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Iron Baby Cribs - To Buy or Not to Buy?   by Richa Sinha

in Home / Interior Design

You are expecting a baby! It's time to decorate the nursery.

That sounds like a lot of fun. You probably already have a vision of what the nursery should look like - the colors on the walls, the theme of the room. You have already pored over thousands of baby nursery pictures both in magazines and online. It is just a matter of going out and buying all that cute and adorable baby stuff.

But when you do get there, do you feel lost? Unable to decide whether the color you had envisioned is right...perhaps you should go for something else. Hey, this bedding looks cute, but it doesn't match the theme you had chosen. Should you buy this cute bedding, that is pulling at your heartstrings and change the theme altogether? If you do change the theme, will the color of the walls have to change too?

Decisions, decisions. As if the hormones were not causing enough day-to-day challenges, now you have to actually decide on the purchases for the nursery! Have you been wondering about the Iron Baby Crib? Whether to buy or not to buy?

Choosing the right crib is crucial to the decor of the nursery. Between wooden and iron baby cribs, there are just so many different designs, colors and finishes to choose from. The crib will be the focal point of the nursery. This means that the baby crib should look a part of the chosen theme.

At the same time it should have the important features such as drop down rails, adjustable mattress support; and all the safety features as specified by CPSC. Check that the crib you finalize has been certified by JPMA.

While an iron baby crib might sound harsh and cold, you will be surprised when you do actually see them. These metal cribs have such chic style and beauty; they make the baby nursery a warm and inviting space. Their neutral look allows them to flow with just any nursery theme you can think of.

Manufacturers offer a choice of white, black, brown, bronze or gold with matte, gloss, leather and antique finishes. Some even offer more attractive choices such as sunshine, periwinkle blue, distressed rose and more...a total of 30 finishes and colors to choose from. Isn't that impressive?

These iron baby cribs are custom-built to your personal specifications. So you can be sure there won't be another piece like yours (at least in your neighborhood!).

I know what you are thinking. Beautiful designs, wide selection of colors and finishes, and custom-built too? Hmmm, these cribs have got to be a costly investment. You could be in for some pleasant surprises here.

Sure some of the fancier cribs do cost considerably more than the conventional wooden cribs. However, depending on the piece you choose, your iron baby crib could be as expensive as US$3850 or as economical as US$850.

Looking for another way to convince yourself to buy this crib? The high durability of these metal baby beds allows them to last forever and ever. It will be there for your first baby and for any more planned along the way. If you maintain it and check regularly for safety issues, it could even someday be passed on to your grandchildren.

This beautiful iron baby crib could become an invaluable and stunningly beautiful family heirloom to be passed through the generations.

Ready to choose your iron baby crib? There are many more tips to help decorate your baby's nursery.

Richa Sinha has combined her two passions for kids and home decorating in her writings for the web-site

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Luxury Baby Cribs- Casablanca Iron Pewter Stationary Crib

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 The Casablanca Iron Crib in Pewter
(also available in Antique White and Venetian Gold)

Tradition and style come together to create a timeless look with the Casablanca Crib. Its elegant design in a convertible crib and luxury baby cribs is reminiscent of a bygone era. Made entirely of hand bent wrought iron this gorgeous heirloom crib is a must have! You may even recognize this convertible crib, convertible cribs and luxury baby cribs from the movie, Stewart Little II.
  The Casablanca Iron Crib in Antique White
 (also available in Venetian Gold and Pewter)

 All of our designs exceed the safety requirements as outlined by the US Product Safety Commission. The convertible cribs collection allows three varying height positions for the mattress. The Casablanca Premiere converts into a toddler daybed, simply remove the front gate, and lower the mattress and your crib is instantly converted to a daybed. This conversion makes the transition from luxury baby cribs, convertible crib to daybed an easy one that is sure to bring many years of enjoyment to you and your little one! Convertible cribs are a smart choice in luxury baby cribs today!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Key Exercises During Pregnancy

Just because you are pregnant does not mean you cannot be fit as well! Pregnancy exercises, exercises for pregnant women have been proven to enhance the pregnancy .It is one of the most important times to be fit! Being in fit condition can make for the best pregnancy and delivery possible for you and baby! 
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