Saturday, April 16, 2011

Husband Says Kids Out Of The Bed

Many wives and mothers have been given an ultimatum from their husbands. This ultimatum may be “either it is me in the bed or the kids in the bed”! Many fathers are ready for their children to be placed in a baby crib or toddler bed at night rather than in their bed. Mothers of small children are guilty of this because it is naturally a mother’s instinct to shelter her small children. It can be just as hard on a mother as it is for the child to make the transition to a baby crib or toddler bed. A mother naturally has a need for her children to be close to her, especially at night. Children also have a natural instinct to yearn to be by their mother or parent, especially at night. For many parents the battle of getting their children to sleep in their own baby crib or toddler bed can be a tough one to overcome.
A mother must remember she is also a wife. Sometimes these roles can merge into just one role, that of being a “mother”. This is not something that a wife sets forth to do intentionally but at times can happen. Being a mother can take precedence because of the overwhelming need from her children for her attention. But there is also a need from the husband. To strike a good medium can be challenging at best. So parents have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to co-sleeping. Many parents think that a child sleeping in their own baby crib or toddler bed is the only option. Others may feel totally separated from their child sleeping in a baby crib or toddler bed .Every parent has a different opinion concerning this subject so one must consider all of the pros and cons concerning this topic. There are great tips for transitioning a child from co-sleeping into sleeping in their own baby crib or toddler bed.
Sleep sharing can also affect your love life. Having your child in a baby crib or toddler bed each night can increase your level of intimacy with your spouse both in quality and quantity. Spontaneity between couples when the baby is in the bed isn’t really an option. This awkward situation leaves couples having to make other plans for their time alone. These plans sometimes are put on the back burner ultimately going neglected at times. This neglect can sometimes make one spouse resent the other for having to make these kinds of compromises. The likelihood of intimacy among couples whose children sleep in a baby crib or toddler bed tends to be much more frequent than those who make a decision to co-sleep.
Ultimately the child and both parents should be able to benefit from the decision. Everyone has an opinion on what they feel is best for children but all families situations are different. Whatever the decision please make sure it is the right one for your family.
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