Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Toddler Bed Tips

Some tips to remember concerning a toddler bed for your child after transition from baby crib.

When baby is ready to move out of the baby crib, be sure to follow these guidelines and tip when selecting the right toddler bed.
1) You need to check the joints of the toddler bed for any looseness, do this periodically as well.

2) Always choose those toddler beds with low profile design for added safety, this helps if child falls out of the bed, less injury.

3) Always have toddler bed in a room away from windows, wall heaters, drapes and blind cords.

4) Place headboard against wall rather than the side of the toddler bed, so that the child does not get trapped in between wall and bed.

5) Just as in your baby crib, make sure that the toddler bed is sturdy with no fear of collapsing.

6) When storing the toddler bed or baby crib make sure you attach with tape, the instruction manual to the bed , on the bottom of the bed. Just in case the box is misplaced or instructions get misplaced from box. This is especially important for convertible cribs as they need to be adjusted as needed. Instructions are often placed on bottom of mattress platform.

7)Remember manufacturers websites will provide instruction manuals as well.

8)Remember if baby crib is a convertible to store those additional parts in a cool, dry place for future use. Keep instructions and parts in a safe place.

9)Label all parts from a convertible crib before storing, you will be glad you did.

10) MOST IMPORTANT- Make sure toddler bed and baby crib have the JPMA certification seal.

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