Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What New Parents Can Do To Keep Their Infants Safe

A baby crib is still the safest place for babies to sleep. Many infants die each year due to parents allowing them to sleep in their parental beds at night rather than in a baby crib. Infants can be placed in danger through this co-sleeping arrangement. Many times an infant becomes entrapped or wedged between the mattress and another object. Suffocation can come from an airway obstruction when the baby is face down on a waterbed mattress or a very soft mattress. A firm quality baby crib mattress is the safest choice for an infant to sleep upon.
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Fatal injury can also come in form of strangulation because of rails or openings on beds that allow a baby’s body to pass through while entrapping the head. A baby crib,such as the Dream On Me 4-in-1 Eden Convertible Crib, is specifically built to prevent this type of accident from occurring. Also known to happen is a parent rolling on top of or against the baby while sleeping. Many parents feel they are being a good parent by keeping their infant close rather than in a baby crib. Suffocation or strangulation caused by entrapment of the child’s head in various structures of the bed is common. A baby crib is safe as they are free of these types of structures. Entrapments occur between the mattress and the wall, bed frame, headboard, footboard, bed railings or adjacent furniture. Another safe quality of a baby crib is that there are not any wedged areas subject to entrapment.
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One of the most tragic aspects of these deaths is that they are largely preventable. In many cases, the parent placing the baby in the adult bed was unaware of or underestimated the danger posed. A JPMA certified baby crib is still the safest place for an infant to sleep. Mothers who breastfeed should be alerted to this hazard and should be encouraged to return the baby to the baby crib after breast-feeding.
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  1. This is so scary! Makes me glad I got my little man moved into his crib! I'm looking forward to exploring your site and finding great info! I'm following you back:-)

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